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Baba Ganouj’s Makanek Sausage Recipe

eatSouthBank’s Sausages of The World Month celebrates glorious snags from all corners of the globe, with exclusive sausage and craft beer deals. To keep the lip-smackin’ times rolling at home, Baba Ganouj shares their Makanek Sausage recipe, simplified for at-home chefs.

1kg ground lamb (you can mix in other ground meats as desired)
10g chilli
20g salt
20g dry coriander
20g dry mixed spice to taste
Natural sausage casings (optional)

1. Chill meat for one hour in the freezer.
2. Once chilled, mix the meat and spices in a bowl.
3. To cook, take a scoop of the mixture and roll out sausage-shaped pieces.
4. If you’re a more advanced at-home chef, place your mixture in sausage casings and chill afterwards.
5. Cook on a skillet for five to ten minutes on each size until browned and cooked through.
6. Enjoy!

Hot tip: these taste delicious with pomegranate relish!

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Cuisine: Lebanese

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