Sausage Festival

Snag up Sausages From Around the Globe This Month

Lovers of snags, sips and foodie festivals, this one’s for you! eatSouthBank’s Sausages of The World Month has kicked off, celebrating glorious snags from all corners of the globe with exclusive sausage and beverage deals.

The best part? A Snag and Beer Festival is set to hit South Bank on Saturday 7 November and Sunday 8 November, because it wouldn’t be a true celebration of mouth-watering snags without the festival to match.

Have your pen at the ready and take note of these epic offers, because missing out would be the wurst (and get your tickets to the Snag and Beer Fest here).

Baba Ganouj
Indulge in spicy Makanek sausages paired perfectly with a Little Creatures Pale Ale for just $15.

Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers
Feast your tastebuds on Pork and Fennel Sausage Gnocchi with a house beer for $20.

Hop & Pickle
Get your hands on the limited edition bangers and mash, pared perfectly with Slipstream Breweries Pilsner, The Yeronpilsner for only $30 for the lot.

Enjoy a Little Creatures Pale Ale and mouth-watering Soujouk spicy sausages for just $15.

Tai Tai
Delight in the limited-edition Taiwanese style sausage with sticky rice roll, pickled cabbage, cucumber, shallot, coriander, and sweet garlic soy dressing for only $16.

The Charming Squire
Feast on the limited-edition wild boar and kangaroo sausage, served with minted peas, chilli, smoked goat’s cheese, BBQ apple ketchup and chips for $28.

Tippler’s Tap
Dive into a Chicago Hot Dog and Tippler’s Pilsner brewed by Slipstream Brewing, or a tulip of cider for just $20.

Terms and Conditions apply. All offers available until November 30, 2020.

Find out how to snag yout tickets to eatSouthBank’s Sausage and Beer Festival here.

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