Cuisine: Lebanese

Baba Ganouj’s Makanek Sausage Recipe

eatSouthBank’s Sausages of The World Month celebrates glorious snags from all corners of the globe, with exclusive sausage and craft beer deals. To keep the lip-smackin’ times roll

Baba Ganouj’s Delicious Takeaway Packages

Baba Ganouj have your takeaway needs covered! $45 MEAL FOR ONE | Mixed grill and a bottle of wine. $80 MEAL FOR TWO | Platter for two and a bottle of wine. Go on, we suggest you

A Lebanese Icon Just Opened at South Bank

Yep, you read that correctly! Shysh has just opened at South Bank, and to say they’ll impress you (and the entire crew) is a complete understatement. The mastermind of family


Shysh is the newest member to South Bank’s Grey Street, combining Lebanese fare with your breakfast and lunch favourites for a truly iconic (and authentic) experience. The brainchi

South Bank’s Most Insta-Worthy Menu Items

As far as we’re concerned, if your meal isn’t as ‘gram worthy as it tastes, it never happened! Food that tastes good and looks unbelievable is that-much-better than your standard b

The Bank’s Best Brunches

There was a time in Brisbane when the morning-lunch crossover was fueled by a sad piece of wholemeal toast and whatever spread presented itself in the cupboard. Step aside, confusi

South Bank’s Brekkie Bucket List

They say brekkie is the most important meal of the day… and who are we to argue with that?! Here, we profile six South Bank cafes who champion breakfast. Lost Bean Open: Mond