Zeus Drop Summer Menu

Stop everything, because your day just got so much more Greek-licious!

That’s right, Zeus has just dropped it’s brand new summer menu, and it is EPIC.

Don’t worry – all of your fave classics such as the ‘Classic Tzimmy’ Pita will remain a permanent fixture, however they will now be joined by fresh new menu items fusing their Greek roots with contemporary summer profiles.

The new menu offerings have a range of delicious meat and non-meat options; including the Apollo Pita, putting a Greek twist on the classic mustard and pork pairing, the Cousin Nikki, featuring premium zucchini falafel, roasted red peppers and eggplant dip, and the Zeus Slaw, taking regular slaw to a whole new garlic aioli and cabbage level.

What’s for dessert, you ask? While this one stands as a delicious menu staple, it’s worth reminding you about! The loukoumades are a traditional Greek doughnut, drizzled with honey, cinnamon sugar and walnuts or Nutella. That’s right, they have NUTELLA!

We suggest you get down to Zeus ASAP to work through the menu, loose pants included.

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Cuisine: Greek

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