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Your Ultimate River Quay Journey Awaits

If you haven’t already enjoyed your very own virtual River Quay experience, we suggest you head there first (don’t worry, we’ve made it super easy and have put it right below you here).

Once you’ve finished watching, it’s time to bring it to life! That’s right, we’re giving you the chance to win the ultimate tailored River Quay experience, to enjoy with three of your closest friends.

But who says you need to wait to win? We suggest you start your culinary journey ASAP, so we’ve rounded up all of River Quay’s restaurants to get you started.

1. Aquitaine
Aquitaine Brasserie celebrates the provincial fare for which its namesake is renowned. Inspired by L’Aquitaine and its reputation for artisanal produce, the restaurant carries on the traditions of romanticism and adventure that accompany a French culinary journey, complimenting classic recipes and ingredients with fresh local produce using modern cooking techniques. Book now.

2. Popolo
Popolo creates an authentic Italian experience, drawing on the concept of sharing and spending meals together with family and friends. Steering away from pasta and focusing more on dishes to share and enjoy together, Popolo delivers unforgettable taste fusions that touch on tradition while inspiring diners with a contemporary twist. Book now.

3. River Quay Fish
As the name suggests, River Quay Fish specializes in contemporary and creative seafood dishes. The menu has been geared towards adding a fresh, Australian twist to the quintessential fish and chips. An ‘experimental’ cocktail list and selection of craft beers provide a perfect accompaniment to the best of the sea. Book now.

4. The Jetty
Perfectly bathed in sunlight, The Jetty is the ideal place to while away an afternoon or enjoy a lavish yet casual dinner by the river. They aim to embrace the best in Queensland produce to create a menu that further enhances the relaxed, resort-style atmosphere, interweaving Indonesian accents on the still distinctly modern Australian menu. Book now.

5. Stokehouse Q
The epitome of riverfront dining, Stokehouse Q promises unparalleled river views and an elegant fine dining experience from a multitude of locations. Patrons can enjoy a full restaurant menu of tantalising entrees and sumptuous mains in the distinctive yet contemporary restaurant, take in the views and a share plate from the Stoke Bar, or enjoy private dining with friends from the picturesque mezzanine level. Book now.

6. Stokebar Q
Emanating its parent restaurant Stokehouse Q‘s riverside elegance, Stokebar Q offers a more casual dining experience with flexible food options and a host of beverages that are best enjoyed whilst sitting back in the bar’s relaxing setting. Take up a spot along the deck on the river’s edge or enjoy a glass of wine in cushioned comfort. Book now.

Take me to Aquitaine Brasserie and Popolo and River Quay Fish and The Jetty and Stokehouse Q and Stokebar Q

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