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Your Summer Seafood Round-Up

South Bank is blessed with a fantastic variety of specialty crustacean eateries that will have your seafood-loving hearts skipping a beat. With everything from crunchy snap-fried whitebait, coconut crumbed prawns and freshly battered fish of the day, The Bank’s seafood-scene is unrivaled. Sit back, relax and take note fellow seafood aficionados, as we take you through your summer seafood go-to’s.

Paper Fish
The classic Aussie fish and chips takeaway has never looked so lush, thanks to Paper Fish. Seriously, their spreads are so aesthetic you’ll want to grab the crew and snap it for the ‘gram. You can expect delicious flavour sensations such as the coconut prawn taco, crunchy snap-fried whitebait and Victorian calamari. Trust us, you’ll regret it if you don’t eat your way through their menu this summer!

River Quay Fish
The iconic River Quay fish, nestled in the middle of South Bank’s premium River Quay, sure know their stuff when it comes to serving up high-quality (and VERY delicious) seafood. With an array of alluring menu options such as the white anchovie bruschetta, chilli jam muscles and seafood paella, it certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted. The best part? These guys have an amazing takeaway menu, for when you’re on the run but don’t want to settle for less than the best!

Fins and Feathers
Your classic fish and chips might be an oldie, but it’s definitely still a goldie. This is no exception at Fins and Feathers, the Parkland’s best-kept takeaway secret. Indulge in a freshly fried piece of pink salmon, crumb-dusted calamari or the fish of the day. They also offer a variety of scrumptious burgers if you’re craving something a little more hearty. Whip out the picnic blanket at take in South Bank’s incredible views as you indulge your senses in this one.

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