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Your Guide to the Ultimate Family Day Out at South Bank

Now that social distancing restrictions are easing up, it’s officially time to get the little ones out of the house (hallelujah!) Never fear on where to start, because we’ve got you covered with a few options below.

Get moving…

South Bank is full of safe walking locations, guaranteed to keep you and the little ones moving. Whether you want to walk along the river or have a little more energy to brave the Goodwill Bridge, there is something for everyone.

Once you’re done working up a sweat, The Boat Pool and Aquativity are open from 9am to 5pm. Psst: we’ve heard Coco Bliss have some great post-workout sustenance…

Get dining in…

Rejoice, we can dine-in again! South Bank has dine-in options fit for parents and children alike. Trust us, we’ve listed them all here and there’s quite a few.

For the really little ones, we recommend Denim Co. for breakfast, with ample room and a diverse classic menu; and for lunch and dinner Mister Paganini, an all-around Italian family favourite.

For the less little ones, we recommend the bustling Lost Bean with a delectable breakfast; and for lunch and dinner Mucho Mexicano, who put on an epic Mexican lunch and dinner spread.

Get a picnic…

Oh, for the love of basking in the sun with an epic selection on food! There’s nothing quite like spending some quality time with the family outdoors. The Jetty have an epic picnic hamper, featuring cheeses, bread, fritters and other delicious goodies! Paired with River Quay’s city views, you’re in for a hell of a day. Or if you’re feeling Italian, Papa Rossi do Italian, and they do it well. Plus, when you order online they’ll give you 20% off! Yep, an Italian spread in the Parklands has never sounded better.

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