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Your Guide to a Picnic Brunch at South Bank

There’s no better excuse to bask in the autumn sun than a picnic at South Bank. From River Quay to the Parklands, you’re truly spoilt for choice with breathtaking picnic locations and brunch offerings to match.

Here’s a list of all the cafes you need to know about, to make an epic brunch picnic.

1. Shysh serve up Lebanese breakfast, dinner and lunch fare that will have you covered for days. The real winner? Their coffee and freshly baked treats, the perfect picnic accompaniment.

2. Coco Bliss is your healthy picnic go-to, with deliciousness and aesthetics not compromised. From takeaway acai bowls and smoothies to raw treats, the entire crew will be covered.

3. Lost Bean is a breakfast institution. From croissants, avo on toast to chia puddings, they have it all available to-go. Psst: Lost Bean now offers online ordering.

4. Nonna’s Deli is the Italian grandmother you never had, but always wanted! Get your hands on wholesome breakfast options and relish in the morning sun.

5. Espresso Garage is a brunch addicts failsafe haven. If you’re needing a coffee fix or breakfast option to make the ultimate picnic spread, they’ve got you covered.

6. Denim Co. is the answer to any self-proclaimed influencers dreams. The best part? The food tastes just as good as it looks. Hot tip: Denim Co. have epic pre-made picnic packs.

7. Papa Rossi will fulfil all your brunch picnic dreams, with quality coffee and breakfast options to-go (did someone say eggs benny in the Parklands?!)

You can find all of South Bank’s takeaway and dine-in options summarised here.

Take me to Shysh and Coco Bliss and Lost Bean and Nonna’s Deli and Espresso Garage and Denim Co. and Papa Rossi Ristorante

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