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Your (Free!) Summer Itinerary

It’s summer, which means it’s high time we started living our best lives and quit the extended Netflix binge. We’ve taken the hard work out of getting off the couch and rounded up a list of 5 things to tick off you summer itinerary. The best part? This list is 99% free… Thank us later, wallet!

1. Head down to our Sunday Social on The Green where you can sit back, relax and let the sweet sounds of Brisbane’s top performers wash over you whilst you blissfully forget that the following day is Monday. (Bonus tip: New Zealand Natural serve up a delicious ice cream if you’re craving a cool fix).

2. Get cultured at one of the many GOMA Exhibitions on offer. These world-renowned shows are mostly free (yes please!), and allow you to gain exposure to some truly talented, vibrant and all-round inspirational artists.

3. Want a day at the beach minus the traffic and long-haul drive? Head to South Bank’s Street Beach where there is water, sunshine and good vibes in abundance. Top it off with fish and chips from Find and Feathers or a Cold Rock milkshake.

4. Fancy a picnic? Of course we do! Name a better past time than finding a great spot in the Parklands and downing delicious eats from Magical Rice and Presto Pizza and Pasta. The best part? While the food isn’t free, it definitely won’t break the bank.

5. Ahh, for the love of markets! The Collective Markets are completely free (to browse, that is!) featuring more than 100 unique stalls, live local music and a range of amazing cafes and restaurants for when you’re feeling peckish.

Take me to New Zealand Natural and Fins and Feathers and Cold Rock Ice Creamery and Magical Rice and Brooklyn Slice

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