You’ll Want to Get Your Hands on These Epic Takeaway Picnic Packs

Rejoice, picnic lovers! Denim Co. have just launched the ultimate range of picnic packs, and honestly, if a picnic at home isn’t major aesthetic #isogoals, we don’t know what is.

If you’re a sweet lover like us, their ‘Sweet Packs‘ are for you; and, starting from just $15 makes them that-much more drool-worthy. Think: muffins, croissants, Nutella donuts, cinnamon scrolls and more.

More of a savoury lover? For $80, you can get your hands on the ‘Savoury Pack,’ featuring chicken sandwiches, spanakopita, pork and fennel rolls and crisps. Trust us when we say, there’s enough for the entire household here!

The best part? Denim Co. are giving you the opportunity to pay these delectable packs forward, to those on the front line who need it most. To find out more about this incredible program, click here.

What are you waiting for? We suggest you get ordering on Bopple or UberEats now…

Take me to Denim Co.

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