Great Aussie Sweet

You Can Now Get Your Favourite Childhood Sweets Delivered to Your Door

Fellow sweet tooths, this one’s for you! As your favourite eateries continue joining the home delivery bandwagon, South Bank’s foodie hotspots are no exception.

So, who’s the newest to join you ask? The Great Aussie Sweet Company, AKA nostalgic sweet heaven, available on UberEats and for pick up in-store.

Lined with walls full of sugary goodness, The Great Aussie Sweet Company revives your love of your favourite childhood sweets. From their epic range of Jelly Belly jelly beans, choc-coated honeycomb to old favourites such as red frogs, this is one place where you’ll be spoilt for sugary choice. Plus, you’ll find an epic range of global favourites here too (did someone say Twinkies and Lucky Charms?!)

We mean come on, there’s no better excuse to relive your favourite sweet memories than the present. And, we heard these goodies make a pretty great afternoon pick-me-up too.

Fill your basket (UberEats or IRL!) to the brim with exciting goodies and strap yourself in for a much sweeter day.

Psst… you can find all the restaurants offering takeaway here.

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