Next Door Kitchen and Bar Wings
South Side Diner Wings
Fried Chicken Wings with sauce in wooden bowl

Winging It – South Bank’s Best Wings

If there was ever a ‘word on the street,’ ‘wings’ would most certainly be it at the moment.  It seems these tasty, mouth-watering morsels of goodness are currently dominating the Brisbane culinary scene, as tastes of the deep American south experience a long-awaited revival.  We’ve rounded up our top picks on where to experience the best wings on our neighbourhood block….guaranteed to leave you lickin’ your fingers and rubbing those bellies.

The Manhattan Line
As a self-proclaimed New York-inspired whiskey bar with a focus on delicious street food offerings, it’s no wonder The Manhattan Line serves up some of the best wings around. Their offering features traditional Buffalo wings smothered with a creamy blue cheese sauce. #heaven.

South Side Diner
Let’s get ready to rumble! Wednesdays mean one thing at South Side Diner- the ultimate wing challenge! South Side will shout you 20 free wings, a particularly stylish South Side Diner cap PLUS the ultimate glory of having your photo hung on their wall…if you can down 20 wings in 10 minutes. Any challengers?

South Bank Surf Club
When you come across a name like ‘Momma’s Finger Licking Buffalo Wings’ on the menu, you know you’re onto a winner! These babies are paired with a blue cheese dipping sauce and celery sticks for added crunch.

Next Door Kitchen and Bar
Think wings can’t get more badass? Think again. Next Door is upping the ante with their appropriately titled ‘Gangster Chicken Wings.’ These bad boys are coated in spices and topped off with a blue cheese sauce and scattering of chili peanuts. Just be warned though, they pack a punch and aren’t afraid to play dirty.


Take me to The Manhattan Line and South Side Diner and South Beach Social and Next Door Kitchen and Bar

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