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Where to Score the Best Riverfire Seats

There’s no better fireworks than Brisbane Festival’s Riverfire on September 28th… Be entertained by Brisbane’s biggest firework event on the iconic promenade and celebrate the ending of a world-class arts festival that brings the city together.

Here’s our round-up of the best places to take full advantage of the display:

South Bank Beer Garden
Overlooking Streets Beach, South Bank Beer Garden is ideal for city slickers who love the beach. Feast beneath the fireworks with a three hour food and beverage package and relax without the hassle of the crowds at this exclusive party.
Cost: $95pp. Find out more here!

South Beach Social
Settle in on the banks of the Streets Beach at South Beach Social and take in the views of the fireworks and entertainment. With live music all night and a three hour food and beverage package, South Beach Social is the perfect place to enjoy Riverfire in comfort.
Cost: $95pp. Find out more here!

Stokehouse Q
Trust Stokehouse Q to deliver the goods when it comes to Riverfire. Their premium four-course set menu paired with the sweeping riverfront views makes for an unparalleled experience.
Cost: $150pp. Find out more here!

Take me to South Bank Beer Garden and South Beach Social and Stokehouse Q

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