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Where to Score $5 Raindrop Cakes and Dessert Gyoza!

If you haven’t heard of Harajuku Gyoza’s Raindrop Cake, strap yourselves in. A version of the traditional Japanese dessert ‘Mochi’, the social media phenomenon that is the ‘Raindrop Cake’ is a clear jelly, resembling (surprise, surprise!) a drop of water.

Yep, it’s epic, so it’s no wonder we’re excited to tell you that Harajuku is offering up half-priced desserts all month to celebrate the end of winter, including this icon. We’re talking ALL their famous desserts for just $5, so there’s never been a better excuse to order the entire dessert menu.

If you’re more of a dessert gyoza lover, you’ll want to look no further than their Salted Caramel Gyoza, filled to the brim with a rich salted caramel and topped with popcorn and honeycomb pieces; or their Aduzi Bean Gyoza, made with Adzuki bean and served in a pot of warm matcha and white chocolate sauce. We’re not drooling, you are.

What are you waiting for? This legendary gyoza bar is calling you and your mates to indulge in $5 desserts, available this month only.

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