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Where to Plan Your Next (Small!) Celebration

While you may have thought that a celebration during social distancing is less than ideal, we’re here to prove you wrong. With cafes and restaurants now offering dine-in and takeaway options, your next (small!) festivity is guaranteed to be one to remember.

For a breakfast…

1. Lost Bean is a breakfast institution, serving up especially tasty avo on toast and iced lattes. Whether it’s a breakfast picnic in the Parklands or a long brunch at one of their cosy tables, you’re guaranteed to enjoy this. For more information, call (07) 3073 9573.
2. Nonna’s Deli are one of the greatest in the wholesome breakfast business, with an intimate, plant filled atmosphere to top your gathering off. To book, call (07) 3073 9571.
3. Espresso Garage is a caffeine addict’s failsafe haven, with a drool-worthy breakfast to match. Treat your pals to a breakfast feast from here, and you’ll set an epic tone for the entire day. To book, call (07) 3073 9553.

For a lunch…

1. The Sangria Bar inspires and delights with an epic range of sangrias and tapas, because nothing says celebration quite like some Spanish fare! To book, call (07) 3073 9581.
2. Barbossa Bar & Bottle Shop is the master of both food and booze, so it’s only makes sense they get a festive mention. From their very own aged rum to Caribbean inspired fare, you’re in for one memorable celebration. To book, call (07) 3073 9561.
3. Hop & Pickle will have you thinking you’re really at the pub, with a drink and food selection fit for any gastronomy aficionado. Now that’s what we’re talking about. To book, call (07) 3073 9564 or email

For a dinner…

1. Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant’s fare will take you straight to the Mediterranean harbour, because nothing screams the ultimate bash quite like an (imaginary!) trip overseas. Go on, grab some pides and takeaway cocktails and enjoy with your loved ones. To book, call (07) 3073 9506 or email
2. Brooklyn Depot serve up delicious American fare around-the-clock. But what they’re really famous for? Their tasty burgers! Grab enough for the household, bask in their downtown Brooklyn vibe and enjoy! To book, call (07) 3073 9586.
3. Viet De Lites is so delicious, you’ll be going back long after your special day. Grab an assortment of Vietnamese-inspired eats and a bottle of wine, and you’ll thank yourself later. To book, call (07) 3073 9595 or email

For a picnic…

1. Denim Co. have launched the ultimate range of picnic packs, starting from just $15. Think: Nutella doughnuts, cinnamon scrolls and chicken sandwiches. Now that’s a festivity! To book, call (07) 3073 9549.
2. The Jetty have an epic picnic hamper for two (only $45!), featuring cheeses, bread, fritters and other delicious goodies! Paired with River Quay’s city views, you’re in for a hell of a time. To book, call (07) 3073 9591.
3. Papa Rossi do Italian, and they do it well. Plus, when you order online they’ll give you 20% off! Yep, an Italian spread in the Parklands has never sounded better. To book, call (07) 3073 9548.

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