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Where to Order South Bank’s Best Baked Goods

There’s just nothing quite like a fresh, mouth-watering pastry. Whether it’s a croissant with your morning brew or late-night dessert, you’re hard pressed to find a food type that’s so damn diverse. Fellow pastry lovers, we’ve got you covered with South Bank’s best baked goods.

1. Denim Co.
Tucked into Little Stanley Street, this quirky and totally Insta-worthy café houses a selection of irresistible sweets. We’d 100% suggest their Italian Peach, a delicious, light sponge cake filled to the brim with custard – and so pretty, you won’t want to touch it.

2. Dot. Espresso
Dot. Espresso is the perfect combination of all things naughty and nice. Grab one of their freshly squeeze juices and pair it with a delicious croissant, or better yet, one of their mouth-watering giant cookies.

3. Doughnut Time
An all-time favourite of ours is Doughnut Time, and for good reason. Their hand-dipped doughnuts with flavours spanning from original glazed to maple bacon are a true winner. Plus, their aesthetic is a ‘grammers dream.

4. Espresso Garage
One bite of Espresso Garage’s croissants will transport your tastebuds straight to the streets of Vienna. They’re golden, flaky and warm, and best paired with one of their famous hot brews.

5. Lost Bean
Lost Bean don’t just perfect your morning brew, they also serve up a variety fresh sweets, baked right in-store. And when we say they’re good, we mean it. One bite of their muffins will have you drooling, with flavour combos like banana and caramel, and raspberry and white chocolate.

6. Main Street Market
The unofficial hub of decadent desserts, Main Street Market are a go-to for mouth-watering, extravagant doughnuts. Think: combinations like Nutella doughnuts and croughnuts. The best part? The flavours change up every day, so you’ll always have a new one to try.

7. Nonna’s Deli
Oh Nonna’s Deli, how you understand our baked goods cravings. A delicious extension of Mister Paganini, these guys deliver gourmet grab n’ go pastries, like almond croissants and flourless chocolate brownies, baked fresh in the restaurant every day. Yep, we’re sold.

Take me to Denim Co. and dot. Espresso and Doughnut Time and Espresso Garage and Lost Bean and Main Street Market and Nonna’s Deli

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