Where to Dig Into Mexican Banquets From $29

We know the struggle, when you’re at a new restaurant with your pals and don’t know where to start with the menu. Stress no more, fellow foodies! We’ve discovered an epic menu of banquets you’ll want to know all about.

That’s right, Mucho Mexicano’s brand-new banquet menu, Mucho Fiestas, will be your new go-to when sampling the best fare Mexico has to offer. The best part? They start from $29.

Let’s dig into the delicious details. Mucho Mexicano have five banquets to choose from, and we can’t wait to tell you all about them. Firstly, there’s the Fiesta Uno, featuring corn chips with their famous guac, elotes with corn and mayo, pulled chicken tostada, battered snapper taco and a beef and bean nacho. All this for just $29 per person sounds like incredible value to us.

Then, there’s the Fiesta Dos and Fiesta Tres beginning from $34 per person, featuring delectable menu favourites like haloumi tacos, fried calamari, spiced chicken fajita, pulled lamb chimichanga and churros. We’re not drooling, you are.

For our fellow plant-based besties, there’s the Vegetarian Fiesta and Vegan Fiesta, at $29 per person. We’re talking beer battered jalapeno, haloumi tacos, sweet potato and red mole tostada, spicy black bean tacos and much, much more.

Available every night of the week, there’s hardly an occasion these banquets couldn’t cover; date night, birthday, or work function, we can guarantee the entire crew will have pleased palates.

We know all this has already got you drooling, but feast your eyes on the entire menu here and book here.

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