Aquitaine Brasserie
Charming Squire Banoffee Pie 2

Break your New Year’s Resolutions in Seven Easy Steps

Kale can only get you so far in life.
Step One: Support the Australian dairy industry and attract good karma by drinking a milkshake at Brooklyn Depot

Step Two: The main ingredient in gin – juniper berries – combats infection, joint pain, arthritis, kidney and liver disease! Order a Ramos Gin Fizz to accompany your comforting southern meal at Bourbon Street 

Step Three: Prioritise protein by ordering a double cheeseburger at The Manhattan Line

Step Four: Make your body sing with a banana! …In the form of deconstructed banoffee at The Charming Squire

Step Five: Strengthen bones and teeth with a cheese board from Aquitaine Brasserie.

Step Six: Stay in touch with your sense of smell, touch and taste by eating Hickory BBQ Buffalo wings with your hands at Burger Urge

Step Seven: Boost your daily calcium intake with a serve of haloumi at the Yiros Shop. Double dose with feta-dusted chips.

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