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Is this Australia’s Most Trusting Café?
Australia’s most trusting café has been found! Bacino Bar in North Sydney have a very unique cash system which allows customers to throw the right amount into a tray and to take the change out themselves if they need it. We’re not sure this would fly everywhere but apparently they say ‘it all evens out’ in the end…

Gandhi Indian Kitchen & Laneway Stall Re-opens
After serving up Brisbane’s best Indian dishes for the last ten years, Gandhi Curry House has undergone a little ‘nip and tuck,’ and injection of Bollywood flavour to become Gandhi Indian Kitchen & Laneway Stall. The new concept is inspired by India’s thriving street food scene and will feature a traditional street food cart situated outside of the restaurant, serving up an ever-changing daily array of Indian street eats!

Guinness Goes Vegan
Guinness is going vegan? It is a little known fact that the drink actually contained trace amounts of fish bladder, an integral part of its filtration process. Wait, what? There are probably few people who are even aware that the famous black brew contained anything of the sort, however it is actually quite commonplace for beers to be filtered using isinglass, ‘a gelatin-like substance derived from the dried swim bladders of fish that is used to separate out unwanted solids like yeast particles from a brew’, the company said.  We are definitely checking our labels from now on…

Reuben Sandwich Wedding Cake
Fancy a Reuben sandwich wedding cake? This guy can make it happen. As part of the Jarlsburg ‘Jarlsberg Sandwish’ campaign, Ben Bayly is on a quest to turn all your wildest sandwich dreams in to reality.  From a wedding cake that holds a hidden Reuben surprise, to a decadent Mac ‘n’ Cheese foot-long, people have submitted their most extravagant ideas which (for the winners), are now getting turned into a reality.

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