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We Have Your Grand Final Eats Covered

Fellow Brisbanites, we feel the struggle of not being in Melbourne for the AFL Grand Final, and we feel it hard. Never fear, because we have you covered with South Bank’s top takeaway bites to get you (and the whole crew) through the game.

1. Baba Ganouj know a thing or two when it comes to delicious eats fit for the whole crew. Think: The Mix Grill Plate, featuring char-grilled lamb, kafta, chicken and fish skewers, served with rice, tabouli, dips and saj bread.

2. Brooklyn Depot is a footy watchers dream, with a selection of burgers, hot dogs and general American-inspired eats that everybody loves. Our suggestion? Order the clan a pile of Brooklyn Classic’s, Brooklyn Depot’s twist on the classic cheeseburger.

3. Brooklyn Slice will be your new go to for pizza, trust us. Plus, we never met a better way to feed the tribe than with a bunch of pizzas, ranging from the classic cheese to mouth-watering meat lovers.

4. Burger Urge, AKA our resident ‘dealers of delicious,’ are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Whether you order burgers fit for everyone’s taste or finger-lickin’ fried chicken, everyone’s guaranteed to enjoy the game – non-sport fans included.

5. Cold Rock know that each sport viewing isn’t complete without a tub of delectable ice cream. The best part? You can mix-and-match your very own creations suited to everyone’s tastebuds.

6. Junk do share food best, and the proof is in their menu. You can’t go past their chicken karaage, pork spring rolls and crispy calamari – trust us, we’ve done the hard work and can confirm they’re DELICIOUS.

7. Nando’s… need we say more? We personally can’t go past a cheeky Nando’s feed – whether it’s mouth-watering chicken wings or halloumi sticks and dip, they have something for everyone.

8. Subway gives a new meaning to on-the-go eats, with an array of sandwich and salad options that are fit for the occasion. Grab a bunch of their melt-in-your-mouth cookies with your meal and you’re guaranteed to be the favourite.

For more delicious options, head to our dining guide here.

Take me to Baba Ganouj and Brooklyn Depot and Brooklyn Slice and Burger Urge and Cold Rock Ice Creamery and Junk and Nando’s and Subway

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