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Our Top Ice Cream Picks

Spring has well and truly spring and you know what that means? That’s right! It’s ice-cream weather! Here are the ones that should be high on your rotation list all season long…

Nitrogenie has taken a leaf out of the books of celebrated chefs, using only real ingredients such as creamy milk and eggs to create delicious concoctions right before your eyes. With flavours such as Oreo Vanilla Cream, Pavlova Pash, and Salted Caramel Honeycomb Crunch, you know you’ll be in good hands!
Our top pick: We advise you check out Nutella Cornucopia…it’s the creamiest, dreamiest hazelnut chocolate ice cream with a Nutella filled mini cone topped with sprinkles of toasted hazelnuts. Yes, just yes.

Cold Rock
There aren’t too many summer memories we have that don’t involve a Cold Rock, and for good reason! If you multiply the ice cream flavours by the number of mix-in combinations you get….*mentally calculates in head*….*still calculating*…A LOT of flavour combo’s.
Our top pick: You can’t beat cake batter ice-cream with cookie dough mix-in.  Yep, run, don’t walk.

New Zealand Natural
Treat yourself to a taste adventure with New Zealand Natural’s unique flavours like Spotty Dog, Chocolate Ecstasy, Golden Manuka Honey, and many more. Combine these taste sensations IN a scrumptious sundae or grab a health kick to go with their range of juice fusions and shakes.
Our top pick: We can’t go past a classic Banana Split…with extra hot fudge sauce!

Max Brenner
There’s not many sweets Mr Brenner doesn’t specialise in, and ice cream is no exception! Whether you choose the ‘Euphoria Banana Split Chocolate Sundae’ or the ‘I Scream Max-Wich,’ you are guaranteed of one thing…it’s sure to taste ah-mazing!
Our top pick: Order yourself the Vanilla ice cream bare dipped in pots of chocolate bits, melting chocolate and chocolate chunks. This dish will take you back to being a kid again but this time, you won’t get told to ‘stop playing with your food!’

Take me to Nitrogenie and Cold Rock Ice Creamery and Max Brenner and New Zealand Natural

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