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Top 5 Winter Warmer Dinners

The struggle of winter is real and there is no better way to warm up than to enjoy a warm hearty meal. What’s even better? When you don’t have to cook said meal yourself…

Rather than hibernating this winter, we’ve got five winter warmers that are worth getting out of your bed socks for.

Punjabi Eggplant Curry from Gandhi Indian Kitchen
Thaw away the chill of winter and indulge in a vegetarian approved fragrant curry. This eggplant curry, with potatoes and peas, cooked with fresh coriander and spices is full flavour and sure to get you through the cooler months.

Dumpling Noodle Soup from Junk
If you want a soup-erb dinner that not only warms you up, but also fills you up, then look no further. Junk serve up delicious dumplings, with a rich broth and noodles – all in the one bowl. What more could you want? Comforting, warming and authentic in one hit.

Traditional British Roast from Hop & Pickle
If anyone knows how to cook a perfect roast, it’s the British. Think juicy half roast chicken perfectly accompanied by a crispy Yorkshire pudding, with roast potatoes and seasonal greens, topped off with the perfect amount of rich and tasty gravy. Good news! Hop and Pickle serve this up every Sunday.  Plus, you also have the choice of a beef or pork belly roast #winning!

Slow cooked lamb shanks from Cucina by Toscani’s
How can you go through winter without eating at least one slow cooked dish? Settle your soul with a meaty and tender 530g sovereign King Henry lamb shank, derived from the Victorian gold field region, slowly cooked and served on a bed of sweet potato mash with a rich red wine and tomato sugo. On a cold winters evening, this dish is fit for any King!

Soup from Nonna’s Deli
Okay we said this list of comfort meals will get you out of the house, but if you insist on staying indoors, Nonna’s provides the perfect grab and go options. Not to mention at a very, very affordable price. Pop into Nonna’s and warm up with their daily soup special for $5 – what a bargain! If you turn up in your Ugg boots, that’s okay… we won’t judge!

Stay warm, Brisbane!

Take me to Nonna’s Deli and Gandhi Indian Kitchen and Laneway Stall and Hop & Pickle and and Papa Rossi Ristorante and Nonna’s Deli

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