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The Top 5 Winter Warmer Desserts at South Bank

Gone are the days of Queensland’s balmy evenings, which means we need something to warm us up, and warm us up fast. Here are our top dessert picks that will (almost!) have you wishing it were winter all year round.

1. Denim Co.’s Waffle Stack
Denim Co. is the answer to any self-proclaimed food ‘grammers dream, with dishes that look just as good as they taste. Their Waffle Stack is no exception, a fresh, warm waffle filled to the brim with Nutella, fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream and maple syrup. Go on, get ordering.

2. Ahmet’s Turkish Doughnuts
Love doughnuts just as much as we do? This is the dessert for you! Munch on Ahmet’s Turkish Doughnuts after your Turkish feast, and you’re guaranteed to get salivating. A classic Turkish-style doughnut drizzled in honey and cinnamon sugar, this is one sweet you don’t want to miss out on.

3. Zeus’ Loukoumades
We hate Nutella… said nobody ever. Our mates at Zeus know that dessert is just as important as the main event, which is why their Loukoumades are a show-stopper. Imagine this: traditional Greek doughnuts drizzled with Nutella and walnuts… now quit imagining, and get yourself to Zeus STAT.

4. Bourbon Street’s Bread and Butter Pudding
If bread and butter pudding doesn’t scream winter warmer, we don’t now what does. This warm Louisiana-inspired dish has been perfected by Bourbon Street, made with layered slices of buttered bread and a mouth-watering custard mixture. Yes please.

5. Popolo’s Panna Cotta
Made with delectable vanilla panna cotta, quince and fresh honeycomb, Popolo’s Panna Cotta is the perfect way to finish off your Italian feast. Using the freshest Queensland ingredients, this is one dessert concoction you’ll want to try this winter. Plus, nothing warms you up quite like an all-inclusive Italian feast.

Psst… all your dine-in options are rounded up here.

Take me to Denim Co. and Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant and Zeus and Bourbon Street and Popolo

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