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Top 5 Summer Eats

Hello, warm weather and leisurely times! Nothing is more synonymous with a Queensland summer, paired with ice-cold beverages and refreshing eats. We round up the top 5 summer dishes you need to sample this season (we’ll take it all, thanks!) …

1. The Apollo Pita at Zeus
Opa! Zeus brings delicious Greek eats to South Bank on the daily, with a summer menu fit for the Greek Gods! The Apollo puts a twist on the classic mustard and pork pairing, filled to the brim with pork neck, pickles, tomato and all the mustard-mayo saucy goodness. Yes please!

2. The Bombe at Stokehouse Q
Nobody perfects the summer dessert quite like our friends at Stokehouse Q, with The Bombe being no exception! The Bombe is made up of frozen white chocolate parfait, strawberries and toasted meringue. We don’t know about you, but we CANNOT DEAL with how good this sounds (and tastes).

3. Mango Weis Nice Cream Bowl at Coco Bliss
We all scream for Coco Bliss’ nice-cream! Strap yourselves in, you won’t be able to resist this one. The Mango Weis includes mango and vanilla-coconut nice-cream, fresh mango and coconut flakes, to bring all of your guilt-free dreams to life. Run, don’t walk…

4. Sea Salt Chips and Calamari at South Bank Beer Garden
Nothing says summer like soaking up the rays at Streets Beach and munching on hot chips and calamari; South Bank Beer Garden takes this to a whole new level! Think: rosemary and sea-salt seasoned chips, paired with Cajun dusted calamari and lime aioli… we’re not drooling, you are!

5. Poke Roll at Suki
Name a more iconic combination than poke and burritos… we’ll wait. Suki’s Poke Roll is the perfect summer treat, and the best part is, you can fill it with WHATEVER you like! Our top pick would be a katsu chicken, avocado and suki sauce blend. Get in before we eat it all…

Take me to Zeus and Stokehouse Q and Coco Bliss and South Bank Beer Garden and Suki

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