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The Ultimate Food and Booze Combinations

Rejoice, lovers of a cheeky bev! We’ve rounded up the ultimate takeaway food and booze combinations at South Bank.

1. Tequila and Mucho Mexicano
Nothing says Mexican fare quite like a kick of tequila. I mean really, is there anything better than pairing your nachos an ice-cold margarita? We think not. Go on, order one to-go with your next Mucho Mexicano feast and you’ll thank us.

2. Whisky and Brooklyn Depot
Whisky certainly comes to mind when we think of American cuisine, so it’s only fitting we pair it with basically anything on Brooklyn Depot’s menu. Think: a Brooklyn Classic paired with their Fireball Sour, made with Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and Lemon Juice. Yum.

3. Rum and Barbossa Bar & Bottle Shop
Barbossa Bar & Bottle Shop know a thing or two about rum, featuring their very own barrel aged rums to shake into their menu of over 200 cocktails. The best part? They’re also a bottle shop, serving up (and delivering!) your favourite bevvies. We’re sold.

4. Red Wine and Mister Paganini
Nothing pairs with rich Italian quite like a bold red wine. Mister Paganini has the ultimate selection of red wines from the bottle that you can order, to make date night (or treating yourself!) that much more special.

5. Sparkling Wine and Viet De Lites
Viet De Lites’ fresh and vibrant Vietnamese fair is worthy of celebration, so it’s only fitting we pair it with a bottle of sparkling. Pop the bottle and dig in, you’re guaranteed to be in for a night of epic feasting.

6. Craft Beer and Hop & Pickle
Pub-inspired eats and craft beer go together like peas and carrots. Yep, it’s a match made in heaven! Imagine enjoying your chicken parmy with one of Hop & Pickle’s epic craft beers on their DEDICATED beer menu. Now quit imagining, and order now.

7. Hard-To-Find Japanese Sips and Harajuku Gyoza
There truly isn’t anything quite like Yoyogi Craft Beer and Sake. If you’re in the mood to take your tastebuds to Japan, munch on their delectable gyoza paired with almost any hard-to-find Japanese brews on their menu you can imagine. Yes please!

8. Beer and Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant
When it comes to beer, Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant have a pretty epic selection. From classics like Peroni to rarities like Blue Moon, it’s a given you’re going to find a brew that pairs perfect with your colourful and punchy meze.

9. White Wine and Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers
Oh, how we love gnocchi and white wine! As we’re scoffing down our delicious mushroom and truffle gnocchi, a crisp Italian white wine is the perfect pairing. Want to know a secret? Some of Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers Italian wine is not available in bottle shops (yep, it’s that exclusive!)

10. Cider and Zeus
Crisp and vibrant, Cider is the perfect union with Zeus’ fresh Greek fare. We mean come on, can you imagine anything better than finishing the day with a crisp cider in one hand, and a mouth-watering pita in the other? Yeah, we didn’t think so…

Take me to Mucho Mexicano and Brooklyn Depot and Barbossa Bar & Bottle Shop and Mister Paganini and Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers and Hop & Pickle and Harajuku Gyoza and Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant and Viet De Lites and Zeus

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