The Seasonal Menu Launch You’ve Been Waiting For

Autumn is officially in full swing which means one thing: Zeus has released a brand-spankin’-new seasonal salad. Without further ado, we present you the beetroot salad…

Zeus’ locally sourced sweet beets and honey are balanced with salty feta, crunchy almonds and fresh mint to bring you the ultimate twist on the Greek staple pantzaria salata, a traditional simple beetroot salad.

Not only do they perfectly round off your side selection of lamb from the spit or falafel and eggplant dip, they are a superfood full of antioxidants and nutrients we’re sure your Yiayia would be proud to see on your plate! The best excuse we ever had to eat those extra haloumi chips…

We suggest you get down to Zeus ASAP to work through the whole menu (oops, we mean seasonal salad!), loose pants included.

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Cuisine: Greek

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