The Changing of The Menu’s – The New Flavours to Sample This Season

Crunching leaves underfoot, a crisp kiss to the cheek by the morning breeze and an extra wool throw strewn across the bed. The cool change of Autumn brings with it many things, perhaps the most exciting of which is the changing of the menu’s at our favourite haunts. We’ve compiled a round-up of the new menu’s to let you know what flavours will be tango’ing with your taste buds this season.

Next Door Kitchen and Bar
With its sultry ‘speak-easy’ vibe and 1920’s inspired food and drinks, Next Door Kitchen and Bar is the one to turn to if you are after a stylish setting matched with sophisticated flavours. A new lunchtime addition includes the delish ‘Open Ploughman’s Sandwich’ which is stacked with corned beef, cheese fondue and carrot and finished with a red onion relish. If this new item is anything to go by, this Autumn is shaping up to be a great one at Next Door!

As if we couldn’t love Olé any more, they have decided to introduce a new share dish to their menu! The Raciones Grandes Cordero is a free range lamb shoulder (sourced from family farm ‘Milly Hill’ in Armadale, New South Wales) which is slow cooked for 12 hours and served with seasonal roast vegetables, charred lemon and lamb sauce. What can we say, our love for this place just got taken to dizzying new heights!

Denim Co. 
This season, word on the street is that there have been some exciting changes afoot in the breakfast department at Denim Co. They have gone and introduced the aptly titled ‘Green Eggs’ that consists of pesto scrambled eggs, basil, blistered tomatoes and toasted rye. And to complement their new savoury offering, they have introduced the sweeter option of ‘Golden Waffles’ which are topped with caramel popcorn, vanilla ice cream and which may or may not be dripping with warm Nutella! We’ll just stop right there in case you are already licking the screen…

Stokehouse Q
Ever ahead of the crowd in terms of unexpected flavour combinations, this season, Stokehouse will well and truly be delivering the goods that have earned them their award-winning reputation. Think poached rock lobster, agnolotti and stuffed zucchini flower paired with a tomato and bacon broth. As if we needed any further incentive to make a booking, Stokehouse is also running a Lunch Special throughout Autumn. Run, don’t walk.

Talk about out-doing themselves. Bacchus’ new a la carte menu is a true feast of sensory flavours. Highlights include the free-range, corn-fed duck from the Macendon Ranges in Victoria as well as the Jamón Ibérico with young beets, quinoa, wattleseed goat curd and brazil nuts. As for dessert we hear you cry? Well how does Poached pear with white chocolate mudcake, creamy white chocolate mousse and pear sorbet sound? Pretty good to us, that’s for sure.

There are probably enough offerings on Nitrogenie’s menu to tantalise our tastebuds every day for at least a year. Nevertheless, the Nitrogenie boys have gone and added another flavour to the board- and we couldn’t be happier! The ‘Salted Caramel Honeycomb Crunch’ is a mix of their ever-popular salted caramel ice-cream and shards of chocolate covered honeycomb. Completely delicious and entirely drool-worthy.

Take me to Next Door Kitchen and Bar and Ole and Denim Co. and Stokehouse Q and Nitrogenie

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