Around the World in 15 Restaurants

Where in Brisbane will you find one street that offers you the finest cuisine from far-reaching regions across the globe? Little Stanley Street. Situated perfectly between iconic cultural institutions as QAGOMA and QPAC, as well as offering a distinctive location fringed by river and parklands, Little Stanley Street’s restaurant offering is truly special. Let us take you on a culinary adventure with tastes of the world without ever leaving South Bank.

Flavours of Asia

No matter your craving, there is a Little Stanley Street restaurant to satisfy it. At Satay Hut the specialty cuisine takes cues from traditional Malay and Thai culture, bringing to life much-loved dishes such as san choi bao in new and exciting ways. If Vietnamese is more you’re style, look no further than Viet De Lites. With a choice of set menus as well as a vast array of chicken, beef, pork, and seafood dishes, Viet Delites combines rich Vietnamese culture with healthy food options and uses no artificial colouring or additives. For fast sushi, delicious sashimi, and generous bento servings, Japanese enthusiasts will love Ginga. And for Chinese? Obsession is the place. Drawing on years of tradition and using organic and free-range produce where possible, Obsession brings the Chinese experience to South Bank. Dine indoors for that fine dining touch or enjoy the lively street life alongside the specialised outdoor menu.

New York Slice

American fare has become a Brisbane staple, and none do it so well as South Side Diner. With an accessible and quirky menu featuring items that would make Obama proud, South Side Diner breathes fresh life into the retro 50s diner concept. Get carried away with corn dogs, beef brisket, buttered corn on the cob, and sweet ol’ cherry pie, not to mention the slurp-worthy shakes.

Curry Envy

Exotic cuisine has a happy home at Gandhi Curry House, who have been serving a unique blend of Southern and Northern Indian dishes along Little Stanley Street for almost a decade. Gandhi Curry House has a bountiful menu of mixed grills, tandoori-oven baked breads, soups, and long-time favourite curries cooked to perfection. Share in their passion and the rich culture.

Parisian Joie de Vivre

Reminisce (or imagine) strolling down the Champs de Elysee, drinking in unforgettable views and sampling exquisite French fare. While it’s a long way from the Champs de Elysee, French Martini replicates these experiences with a carefully constructed menu of Parisian delights. For your first taste of French, try a staple such as steak tartare or dive in head first with oven-baked snails. C’est magnifique.

Saunter over to Bourbon Street for a little French twist, with flowing jazz and tantalising creole-inspired flavours. Inspired by the French quarter of New Orleans, Bourbon Street is cheeky, rustic, and sophisticated all at once. Start with gumbo and wet your whistle with a Tinkerbell Sour.

Spanish Zest

With an infectiously vivacious atmosphere and a range of menu items that are just meant for sharing, Ole and The Sangria Bar are both fabulous excuses for a night out with friends. The Sangria Bar keeps the beverages flowing while Ole offers substantial plates to share or bite-sized morsels that melt in your mouth. Ask about the croquettes of the day – they’re a great starter and are absolutely scrumptious.

Turkish Delight

Come to Ahmet’s for the food (which is in itself, out of this world), and stay for the entertainment. The restaurant casts a magical spell that lingers long after you leave, with colourful wall murals, vibrant décor and belly dancing putting you smack in the middle of Turkish culture. Dining at Ahmet’s is a unique experience, which is only enhanced by the authentic banquet-style cuisine. Share a platter or savour the goodness for yourself!

Nonna Knows Best

When it comes to Italian food, Nonna really does know best. The most celebrated Italian recipes are passed down, using traditional herbs and flavour fusions to heighten the (usually) carb-loaded goodness. Cucina by Toscani’s makes falling in love with Italian fare even easier with a colossal menu of pasta, share meals, and traditional Italian mains. And the pizza masters La Via have you covered with a selection of wood-fired classics. Cheese is melted to perfection on a thin base with lavish topping options – the mushroom, porcini, thyme, and truffle oil in particular is simple but mouth-watering. Top it off with a panna cotta or sweet cake, Nonna would have wanted you to.

Cal-Mex Bravado

A little bit of Cali thrown in with a little bit of Mexican flair, Cactus Republic is a tequila bar and restaurant in one. Conquer your cravings with tacos, quesadillas, chips and dips, plus a smorgasbord of burrito choices and Gringo Specials. Top it off with a Cal-Mex dessert of chocolate nachos or a Kahlua margarita. If you’re settling in for a bigger-than-usual night, we suggest an icy cold margarita made with 100% agave tequila.

Viva la Barbeque

Meat lovers rejoice; Che Asado offers an eclectic mix of culture, flavour and fun in a concept unique to Little Stanley Street. Inspired by the traditional restaurants and bars of Argentina, Che embraces the authentic Argentinian art of barbeque on an open grill with a menu designed to be shared and enjoyed with others. The vibe from this South American venue is electric and spans from breakfast to dinner. And there’s an extensive menu of spirits (or licores) to be enjoyed well into the night alongside cocktails and sangria.

Take me to Che Asado and Bourbon Street and and Papa Rossi Ristorante and Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant and and Ole and The Sangria Bar and Satay Hut and Viet De Lites and Ginga Japanese Restaurant and Obsession Chinese Restaurant and Gandhi Indian Kitchen and Laneway Stall and South Side Diner

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