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Take an (Imaginary) Tour Through Europe With These 10 Eats

While you may have had to put a halt to your 2020 Europe plans, we’re here to soften the blow with a culinary journey so delicious, you’ll truly believe you’re in the Mediterranean sipping on Spritz.

We won’t make you wait any longer, here’s 10 restaurants that will transport straight to Europe.

1. Aquitaine celebrates traditional French fare, with their duck liver pate and succulent garlic butter made in-house sure to transport straight to the monument-lined boulevards of Paris.

2. Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers celebrate Italian at it’s best, with their entire menu dedicated to, you guessed it, glorious gnocchi. Trust us when we say, this is worth putting on your foodie itinerary.

3. Ole is vibrant, inviting and colourful, just like a trip to Spain. Embracing its Spanish influence, their paellas and Sangria to match will leave you (and your company!) full of joy.

4. Ahmet’s is a Turkish institution, with dishes so authentic and delicious, they’re as close to the real deal in Turkey. With dazzling rugs and lanterns, banquet-style dining and warm, welcoming hospitality, this is one experience you’ll want to have.

5. Papa Rossi does Italian so well, you’ll think you’re amongst the river canals in Venice. Sink your teeth into their house-made pizzas and pasta, making the ideal evening with the family or your closest mates.

6. The Sangria Bar inspires and delights with its extensive variety of Sangrias (seven, to be exact!) Just like its mother restaurant Ole, you’ll feel like you’re in the heart of Spain, with the cocktails and tapas to match.

7. Popolo creates a truly authentic Italian experience, drawing on the concept of sharing and spending meals together with family and friends. Who needs that Contiki trip with all this company and good food, after all?

8. Zeus praises the best of Greek cuisine with its modern flavour combinations. Delight in lemon-fused cocktails and traditional Pitas, and you’ll be second guessing whether you’re still in the streets of South Bank.

9. Mister Paganini is a little bit cheeky and a whole lot of fun, just like most Itaians. This restaurants warm atmosphere boasts comforting Italian classics, just like you’d expect in Rome.

10. Fritzenberger takes pride in its lively German inspiration, with epic house-brewed beers, delectable burgers and frites. There’s a reason these guys are making big waves across Brisbane.

Take me to Aquitaine Brasserie and Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers and Ole and Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant and Papa Rossi Ristorante and The Sangria Bar and Popolo and Zeus and Mister Paganini and Fritzenberger

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