Tai Tai Have Relaunched Their Famous Deep Fried Ice Cream

The creators of some of South Bank’s most epic Asian cuisine, Tai Tai, have just relaunched a ridiculously delicious treat that you’re guaranteed to be drooling over.

That’s right, Tai Tai have relaunched their deep fried ice cream dessert, and we can guarantee this will be the perfect cure for Brisbane’s icy winter nights.

This decadent delight is made up of caramelised banana, coconut, and the main hero, a crispy, creamy ball of deep fried ice cream. We’re not drooling, you are.

Did we forget to mention they have a mouth-watering line-up of cocktails to match? Served in teapots laden in colour and design (yes, teapots!), you can delight your tastebuds in delicious flavour combinations from juniper gin with earl grey tea, to whiskey with honey tea and lemon.

You’re not going to want to miss this, so click here to find all the contact deets you need to book a seat ASAP.

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