Survivor Stories: Carlie

Head down to Stanley Street Plaza during the week where a moving ‘Survivor Gallery’ will be installed on the walls, featuring the personal stories of breast cancer survivors.

These raw accounts are poignant, courageous and utterly inspiring.  Here, Carlie shares her story…

My Story

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I worked in the health system as a nurse but I still found it difficult to apply a diagnosis to myself. My diagnosis was early and both were contained and removed with clear margins. My surgeon advised against a double mastectomy, although I requested this and instead asked to have lumpectomies and radiation. Fourteen years later I still think of him and send a silent thank you for his timely and gentle advice.

Now that my treatment is over, I don’t think about breast cancer very often unless an outside influence triggers the memory. I have a niece who was diagnosed 5 years ago, and I’m so glad to see her living well following her surgery.

I now know how important it is to live life everyday with gusto. I make the most of every moment – even the negative times still bring meaning to the bigger picture.

My Breast Cancer Network Australia Experience

When you are diagnosed with breast cancer, it is really important that you find the support you need. Breast Cancer Network Australia is a great way to find support locally, and I advise anyone going through their own breast cancer journey to access the wonderful information and support they have available.

As an organisation, Breast Cancer Network Australia was in its infancy when I was diagnosed. It is fantastic to see how the organisation has grown, and how much support is now available to those diagnosed with breast cancer and also those who care for them.


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