Sunday Social
Sunday Social

Sunday Social: Meet the Artists

Brisbane is rightfully earning its title as Australia’s live music hub, and we think Sunday Social gives it a decent nudge. Showcasing the soft and smooth tunes of some of Brisbane’s best musicians, we suggest you mark Sunday Social in your calendar STAT (plus, it’s totally free). Before you do, here’s a roundup of your upcoming artists.

11 August: Breanna Fielding Trio
A true entertainer, Breanna loves every aspect of performing whether it be on stage singing, dancing or acting. She is a passionate musician and brings a killer mix of pop, soul and RNB hits with the entire trio.

18 August: Shaz Brooks Trio
After wooing Australian audiences with critically acclaimed performances at the Woodford Music Festival, Caloundra Music Festival and opening for Aussie legends Jon Stevens and Dragon, Sharon Brooks carries soul and funk into each performance.

25 August: Birdman Trio
Birdman Randy Trio are fast becoming Australia’s freshest live entertainment act. They have gone from strength to strength since their formation in 2014, with all members head hunted from bands around Brisbane to form a pop-style force to be reckoned with.

8 September: Cleon Trio
Cleon Barraclough is one of Australia’s top pianists and composers. Cleon’s live show is extremely versatile bringing a huge repertoire of pop classics as well as boasting a jazz and piano focused vibe.

15 September: Chris Ah Gee and Jazzella
You may recognize Chris from the national TV show Australia’s Got Talent, in which he made it to the semi-finals. After working in the live music scene for three years, Chris brings this experience to present a high energy show with an alternative soul style.

Psst: you can find the full list of upcoming acts here.

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