Summer on Little Stanley Street

Little Stanley Street has a character all of its own, and this character comes to life even more as summer rolls in. Savour the tastes of summer with these tantalising menu options available along this eclectic strip.

For something light
Light, zesty, and gluten free, the Goi Du Du from Viet De Lites is a must-try salad that is perfect for summer. This Green Papaya Salad cleverly combines shredded green papaya with crushed roasted peanuts and herbs, topped off with Viet De Lites’ special dressing. Served in a generous portion, the Goi Du Du is a great light alternative on those balmy summer nights.

For the vibrant atmosphere
The vibe at Ole is infectious and one that is perfectly paired with the hot, exciting electricity that summer air carries. You know that feeling in December where the air feels almost alive? Ole has that atmosphere in spades. Savour their fresh, crispy bread dowsed in olive oil with a side of deep-fried crumbed olives stuffed with goat’s cheese.

For the best pulled pork sandwich
Not usually ones to brag, the talented ladies behind the brand new menu at MySweetopia are dishing up some exciting things. Their new menu items include a melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork sandwich, which produces a flavour fusion that’s better than your brain can fathom.

For a quintessential summer meal
It’s not summer without seafood, and who can resist a serving of King Prawns on a hot summer’s day? Obsession serves up Local Ocean King Prawns butterflied and steamed with garlic and butter as part of their special Outdoor Menu, meaning you can enjoy your mouth watering prawns amongst the pulsating Little Stanley Street ambience.

For a quick breakfast delight
You know those days where you roll out of bed and cereal just won’t cut it? You need something delicious to help kickstart your day the right way, so grab the new Haloumi Delight from Espresso Garage. It’s seriously satisfying with avocado, diced tomato, haloumi and rocket with a drizzle of balsamic – just what the doctor ordered.

Take me to Obsession Chinese Restaurant and Viet De Lites and Ole and MySweetopia and Espresso Garage

Cuisine: Asian, Spanish, Vietnamese

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