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Summer Cool Treats Food Trail

Hello, warm weather and leisurely times! We’re here to help you cool down the with ultimate ice-cold treats you’ll want to get your hands on this summer.

1. Coco Bliss
Strap yourselves in, you won’t be able to resist this one. The Mango Weis from Coco Bliss includes mango and vanilla-coconut nice-cream, fresh mango and coconut flakes, to bring all of your guilt-free dreams to life. Warning: you may work up a brain freeze from the deliciousness.

2. Cold Rock
Cold Rock is a dessert icon, and for good reason. Choose from your favourite ice cream and mix-in combinations and watch them perfect your custom treat before your very eyes. This paired with the pool? The perfect way to cool down this hot season.

3. Denim Co.
If you’re looking for dessert, Denim Co. is your new go-to. Feast on their Deluxe Brownie topped with creamy and cool vanilla ice cream or their Classic Sticky Date Pudding finished with vanilla bean ice-cream and a sticky caramel sauce. Decadent and cool all in one.

4. Happy Pops
The best kept South Bank dessert secret is Happy Pops’ gelato shakes, trust us. Filled to the brim with fresh handmade gelato, you can choose from mouth-watering flavours like peanut butter, cookies and cream and Nutella (and all your favourite classics, too!) Go on, see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

5. Ice Dream
You’ll go weak at the knees for Ice Dream’s handmade icey fruit creations, with fruit blended into the soft serve in real time. But wait, it gets better because you can also get your hands on exotically decadent ice cream concoctions including matcha, cherry ripe, froot loops, choc birthday cake and gingerbread. You’ll be the envy of all your Instagram followers on a summer’s day.

6. Max Brenner
An ice cream sundae in any variety is exciting, but a classic Banana Split Waffle Sundae from Max Brenner? Now you’re onto a winner. Made with fresh ice cream and topped with waffle cubes, crunchy waffle balls, gooey toffee, fresh banana, caramelised pecans and melted chocolate you’ll be salivating all-day-long.

7. El Camino Cantina
Craving something a little boozier? El Camino Cantina have you covered with their frozen margaritas, packed with loads of flavour. From mango and raspberry to something a little more out there like Hubba Bubba and toasted marshmallow, you’ll be in for a real treat this summer.

8. Brooklyn Depot
Bacon in all its varieties is heavenly, especially in waffle form. Brooklyn Depot’s desserts are top notch, with their Bacon Waffle Sundae served with vanilla ice cream an absolute winner.

9. New Zealand Natural
New Zealand Natural’s Berry Haven ice cream features all the deliciousness of your normal sundae, but with a twist. You can look forward to three scoop of berry ice cream, whipped cream and fresh berries. Cooling down never looked so delicious.

10. South Bank Beer Garden
If you’re opting for a refreshing bev, South Bank Beer Garden’s Mojito on tap is the go. We mean come on… Mojito on tap?! Pair this with one of their burgers and you’re guaranteed to be satisfied.

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