Stokehouse Q

Stokehouse Q’s 2018 Christmas Tree

The festive season has arrived, and to celebrate Stokehouse Q have welcomed a dear friend to create a Christmas tree with a difference.

Joost Bakker is an environmental champion and has been described by the New York Times as “Australia’s poster boy for zero waste living”, creating Stokehouse’s Christmas trees for 25 years. One thing that all of these trees have common is the use of materials that are the byproduct of society – ‘waste’, combined with a botanical element.

Made from recycled optical fibre from Digilin Australia which would have otherwise been discarded, the 2018 Stokehouse Q Christmas Tree is 100% zero waste and floats magically in the open-air.

This is an ethos mirrored strongly in the culture of Stokehouse kitchens where all dishes are created mindfully, making use of traditionally discarded elements such as skins, peels, and stems.

Stokehouse Q would be delighted to welcome you to see Joost’s Christmas tree in person, simply email to make a reservation.

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