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South Bank’s Top 5 Chocolate Eats

Calling all chocoholics!

Whoever said cocoa wasn’t good for that New Year’s detox was lying – trust us, we’ve done the hard work and can tell you one thing: we feel GREAT. Without further ado, we present to you the best chocolate dishes at South Bank – talk about #detoxgoals!

1. Max Brenner
Australia’s favourite dessert house Max Brenner know a thing or two when it comes to all things chocolate, and their range of ice cream is no exception! Think: two creamy vanilla popsicles dipped in pure melted chocolate, topped with pecans and sprinkles… ordinary ice cream has officially been ruined for us!

2. Denim Co.
Whoever invented the Italian hot chocolate is a demi-god, but the team at Denim Co. have taken it a step further, with the Peanut Butter Italian Hot Chocolate! If you haven’t tried an Italian hot chocolate before, it’s the equivalent to a cup of melted chocolate ready to be consumed like your morning coffee. Paired with peanut butter? This is too good to be true.

3. Zeus
We hate Nutella… said nobody EVER. Our mates at Zeus know that dessert is just as important as the main event, which is why their Loukoumades are a show-stopper. Imagine this: traditional Greek doughnuts drizzled with Nutella and walnuts… now quit imagining, and get yourself to Zeus STAT!

4. New Zealand Natural
Resist the chocolate frappe and avert your eyes from the hot chocolate brownie – the Hot Chocolate Brownie Sundae is the best invention since the traditional sundae! Fact. If it isn’t New Zealand Natural’s range of chocolate ice creams that has you sold, it’ll be that paired with a chocolate brownie and decedent chocolate sauce… yum!

5. The Charming Squire
So, it’s hot as hell outside (welcome to QLD!) and you’re craving a chocolate fix… The Charming Squire have your summer dessert prayers answered! The White Chocolate Parfait is made with white chocolate, mango, pistachio crumble, honey and coconut. You won’t regret this one on a scorching day!

Take me to Max Brenner and Denim Co. and Zeus and New Zealand Natural

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