South Bank’s Top 10 Plant-Based Bites

Fellow vegetarians, rejoice! With more and more of our mates on the look for meat alternatives, we thought we’d better round-up the best vegetarian meals at South Bank. Say goodbye to the days of boring garden salads, and read on…

1. Quattro Formaggi Pizza at Mister Paganini
When it comes to pizza, there’s nobody who does it quite like Mister Paganini. The Quattro Formaggi is the perfect blend of mozzarella, provolone, gorgonzola, ricotta and black pepper, to keep them greasy cravings at bay.

2. Pumpkin Tacos Mucho Mexicano
Pumpkin? Delicious! Pumpkin and Tacos combined? Revolutionary! Mucho Mexicano’s Pumpkin Taco’s combine haloumi, pepitas, pumpkin and sweet chipotle dressing, to make all of your junk food cravings come true.

3. Fun Guy Burger Brooklyn Depot
Pun intended, the ‘Fun Guy’ is certainly a fun-fungi spin on your classic beef-patty burg! Think: a freshly toasted soft milk bun filled with crumbed field mushroom, oak leaf lettuce, blue cheese sauce, caramalised onions, fresh tomato and a honey mustard aioli… need we say more?

4. Crispy Eggplant at Junk
Much like their name, Junk are the master of finger-lickin’ Asian food, minus the guilt! Tuck into the crispy eggplant, with spicy miso and sesame dressing, crispy garlic, coriander and pickled-ginger. You won’t regret it, trust us!

5. Vegan Burger at South Bank Beer Garden
All hail vegan burgers that taste just as good, if not better, than the OG burger! South Bank Beer Garden know a thing or two when it comes to serving up mouth-watering food, and this burger is no exception. Falafel, roasted mushrooms, sweet onion jam, lettuce and a beetroot salsa are combined to make this beauty!

6. Arancini Quattro Formaggi at Popolo
We never met a combination of cheeses we didn’t like, but four cheese arancini? Our plant-based tastebuds have never been more excited. Served with caramalised shallot aioli, there’s one thing we know for sure: Popolo know what’s up in the vegetarian hood.

7. Verduras Paella at Ole
All-hail the vegetarian Gods, because they had us in mind when coming up with Ole’s epic vegetarian paella creation. Packed with mushrooms, roasted capsicum, broccoli, green peas, cherry tomato, spinach and saffron rice, you’re guaranteed to leave with a full belly (and guilt-free).

8. Tinie Tempeh Bowl at SUKI
This bad boy is the full works, friendly for vegans too! Imagine this: delectable tempeh, mango lime chilli sauce, spinach, bean sprouts, beetroot, zucchini and corn, all in a delicious bowl ready to eat in the Parklands. Now quit imagining, and get to SUKI STAT.

9. Vegetarian Feast at Ahmet’s
We’re always down for a feast, especially when it’s from our mates at Ahmet’s. For just $40, you can get your hands on fresh Turkish bread, spinach and cheese pastry, zucchini fritters, chickpea salad, roast pumpkin pide, vegetable soup and Turkish desserts. Yep, we’re sold.

10. Gnocchi at Aquitaine
You had us at frest pasta, Aquitaine. You’ll want to get your hands on their gnocchi, a mix of seasonal root vegetables, kale and garlic crumb. The best part? It’s completely vegetarian AND gluten free!

Take me to Mister Paganini and Mucho Mexicano and Brooklyn Depot and Junk and South Bank Beer Garden and Popolo and Ole and Suki and Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant and Aquitaine Brasserie

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