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South Bank’s Takeaway Dessert Bucket List

When you’re looking to really treat yourself during your next Netflix and chill date, we having you covered with the ultimate bucket list of delicious (and ‘gram worthy) takeaway desserts at South Bank.

1. We never met a Happy Pops creation we didn’t like, especially a DIY Pop! Think: your choice of pop, drizzled in chocolate and delectable toppings. The best part? It makes for an epic picture with South Bank’s Parklands (or Netflix show!) in the background. Pick up available.

2. Waffles with double smoked bacon, whipped maple butter, roasted walnuts and maple syrup? Now we’re talking! You’ll want to save room for Denim Co.’s Canadian-style waffles. Yep, this one’s guaranteed to reel in the likes on social media. Pick up, UberEats and Bopple available.

3. Brooklyn Depot serve up the sweetest apple pie, served with vanilla bean ice cream, salted caramel sauce and crushed pecans. Yep, this isn’t too good to be true! Go on, we suggest you get posting. Pick up, UberEats and Deliveroo available.

4. Once you’ve polished off your tasty Ahmet’s feast, you best start contemplating your dessert. Whether their Nutella Baklava, Turkish Delight or Rice Milk Pudding is your pick, you’re guaranteed to love them all. Pick up, UberEats and Deliveroo available.

5. How could we get so far without mentioning Papa Rossi’s Tiramisu? Lined with mascarpone, whipped cream and Marsala, it’s an absolute crowd-pleaser AND totally worth a mention to your fellow foodie friends. Pick up and UberEats available.

6. The Great Aussie Sweet Co. are the go-to for lollies, even the ones you thought you couldn’t find in Brisbane! Whether it’s their epic range of Jelly Belly jelly beans, chocolate coated honey comb or old favourites such as red frogs, it’s hard to resist snapping a pic. Pick up and UberEats available.

7. Cold Rock let’s you bring your wildest sweet fantasies to life. Grab premium ice cream, sorbet, and gelato with an exciting choice of chocolate, lollies, toppings, and fruity treats to create your masterpiece. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never have a boring time at Cold Rock. Pick up and UberEats available.

8. Doughnut Time is a South Bank institution, and for good reason. Get your hands on a box filled to the brim with Nutella, Caramilk and Mars Bar doughnuts (to name a few!) and you’ll be set for the night. Pick up and UberEats available.

9. When we think of Southern fare, we think comfort food; so, it’s only fitting Bourbon Street’s menu is loaded with delectable, mouth-watering desserts to keep the Southern vibes rolling. Take home a Banana Foster Crepe with banana, brown sugar, cinnamon and rum, and you’ll be back for more. Pick up and UberEats available.

10. New Zealand Natural’s Banana Spilt… Need we say more? You won’t regret taking home this classic, filled with your choice of ice cream and the usual banana split goodness. Pick up and UberEats available.

Take me to Happy Pops and Denim Co. and Brooklyn Depot and Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant and Papa Rossi Ristorante and The Great Aussie Sweet Company and Cold Rock Ice Creamery and Doughnut Time and Bourbon Street and New Zealand Natural

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