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South Bank’s Most OTT Fries Creations

Nothing screams a moreish winter feed quite like hot, crispy, fresh fries. To celebrate World Fries Day on July 13, we’ve rounded up the ultimate fries creations at South Bank, greasy goodness guaranteed.

1. Garbage Fries at Brooklyn Depot
Contrary to the name, Brooklyn Depot’s Garbage Fries is far from waste. This epic creation includes a generous serving of skinny fries, lavishly topped with bacon, onion ring snippets, cheese sauce and fried pickles. What more over-the-top goodness could we ask for?

2. Dirty Fries at Burger Urge
For a hearty meal unlike you’ve ever had before, Burger Urge is what’s up. Bringing big flavours that pack a punch, their Dirty Fries are no exception. Loaded to the brim with thick fries, bacon, cheese sauce, shallots and Burger Urge’s famous seasoning, you’re in for one delicious feed. Need we say more?

3. Yia Yia Chips with Feta at Zeus
What’s better than Zeus’ famous chips seasoned with pink salt and oregano? That, topped with a big load of creamy, mouth-watering crumbled feta. These finger lickin’ fries are so good, they’ll have you thinking you’re really in the Mediterranean. We cannot even deal.

4. HSP at Ahmet’s
Get ready, because this fries creation is going to turn your world upside down. For a limited time, Ahmet’s are serving up HSP’s, AKA Halal Snack Packs, for only $10. Packed with halal-certified kebab meat and chips, and lathered in a selection of sauces like garlic, yoghurt, barbecue, and chilli (or the lot, if you’re anything like us!) this is one creation you don’t want to miss.

5. Loaded Fries at Barbossa Bar
If you’re looking for loaded fries that deliver the goods, look no further than Barbossa Bar’s Loaded Fries! Oozing with Caribbean yumminess, these bad boys are topped with pulled pork, jalapenos, American cheese and aioli. Yep, we’re officially sold.

For more dining options at South Bank, visit here.

Take me to Brooklyn Depot and Burger Urge and Zeus and Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant and Barbossa Bar & Bottle Shop

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