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South Bank’s Most Insta-Worthy Menu Items

As far as we’re concerned, if your meal isn’t as ‘gram worthy as it tastes, it never happened! Food that tastes good and looks unbelievable is that-much-better than your standard breakfast or dinner go-to, especially when paired with food envy from the whole of Instagram. #instafoodies rejoice! We bring you South Bank’s most photogenic (and tasty) menu items.

Baba Ganouj Breakfast Special
AKA, the tastiest #yolkporn of your life. Baba Ganouj has created the perfect blend of decadent, wholesome and tart with a dish that is screaming to be captured for the ‘gram. Once you’re done playing photographer, be whisked away to foodie heaven with its combination of Turkish bread, spinach, sun-dried tomato, Kafta patty, eggs and hollandaise sauce.

Bourbon Street Crepe Suzette
Bourbon Street has caught our attention with some of the prettiest plates we’ve seen in a while. If you think crepes with orange, Grand Marneir and ice-cream sounds delicious, you are on the mark! This dish will be sure to blow up your Insta likes, and make your taste-buds dance all day long.

Denim Co. Apple Pie Jaffle
Denim Co.’s Apple Pie Jaffle is made to be in the spotlight! Have you ever seen a combination as impressive as jaffles filled to the brim with poached apples, a hint of cinnamon and topped with vanilla ice cream and biscuit crumbles? We didn’t think so. BRB, just heading to Denim Co. to order another one of these!

French Martini Camembert Cremeux Roti Au Miel Epices
Boy, do French Martini have something for you! Think: oven baked camembert with spiced honey and traditional baguette. You better have your camera at the ready, because you’ll be tempted to devour it before getting the shot! Be sure to tag French Martini in this one, we can guarantee all your pals will want to know where you’re at.

Tai Tai Tea Milk Parfait
We reckon this dessert is up there with the most insta-worthy dishes Brisbane has to offer. And the chances are good you’ve probably heard about its new creators, the renowned Tai Tai. Made with frozen tea milk parfait, seasonal fruits and edible florals, this elegant take on parfait will reel in the likes, and make your mouth water!

The Charming Squire Banoffee Pie
Banoffee Pie. Need we say more? Our friends at The Charming Squire know a good dessert when they make one. This delectable combination of banana, coeur a la crème, honeycomb and caramel comes together to make a show-stopping dessert that will have all your followers talking!

Go forth and photograph, fellow foodies!

Take me to Baba Ganouj and Bourbon Street and Denim Co. and French Martini and Tai Tai and The Charming Squire

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