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South Bank’s Best Riverfront Deals

Looking for luxe riverfront vibes for less? River Quay has you covered, with one of Brisbane’s best dining scenes boasting unparalleled river views and killer dining deals to match. Without further ado, here are the best riverfront offers to get your hands on…

If you didn’t think having lunch at Aquitaine could get any better, wrap your head around this: a bottomless lunch package with options for either 2-Courses ($75) or 3-Courses ($85), both inclusive of a 2 hour beverage package featuring delectable French wines, craft beers and soft drinks on tap. Yep, we suggest you get onto this STAT.

Italian lovers, this one’s for you (that’s basically all of us, right?) Nothing says a perfect Italian feast quite like 6-courses of mouth-watering goodness. Popolo has done the hard work and delivered the share-feast goods with their Mangia menu, featuring 6-courses for just $55 per person. Go on, get ordering!

River Quay Fish
What’s better than a seafood lunch by the river? 50% off your seafood lunch by the river! For less than a twenty, you can get your hands on fresh beer battered fish and chips, moreish fish tacos, panko crumbed calamari and more with River Quay Fish’s 50% off special. Say no more…

Stokebar Q
As Sir Mix-A-Lot famously quoted, we like big buns and we cannot lie. At least, we think that’s how it goes? If you’re a fan too, and have a tenner stuffed in your pocket, you’re in luck! Every Wednesday, you can enjoy Stokebar Q’s beef burger for just $10. If this doesn’t scream a perfect hump-day lunch, we don’t know what does. Psst: they also have killer daily specials, so we suggest you get to the bar to find out more…

Stokehouse Q
Think: two entrees and two mains from Stokehouse Q, featuring seasonal favourites and new selections weekly for just $40. Sounds too good to be true, right? Think again! Stokehouse Q’s Stoked Lunch Offer is a must-try, and with a view that spectacular, your guaranteed to be satisfied with the entire experience.

The Jetty
Sweeping uninterrupted river views, two delectable courses AND select wine or beer for just $40? We’re officially sold! Head down to The Jetty every day of the working week for the Lunch Club, serving up your choice of delicious entrees, mains and desserts with select wine and beer. Trust us, you’re guaranteed to lose them tummy rumbles, and keep the wallet happy!

Hot tip: we’re giving you FREE PARKING every day of the week!* Click HERE to book your online parking.

*For full promotional terms and conditions, click here.

Take me to Aquitaine Brasserie and Popolo and River Quay Fish and Stokebar Q and Stokehouse Q and The Jetty

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