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South Bank’s Best Chocolate Everything

Calling all chocoholics! If you’re anything like us, chocolate holds a special place in your heart (and stomach). We mean come on, with so many variations of the glorious thing, you’d be crazy not to be cocoa obsessed.

With World Chocolate Day this Wednesday 7 July, we’ve rounded up South Bank’s best chocolate everything.

1. Max Brenner’s Choc-Crunch Pizza is a haven for fellow choc lovers, featuring caramelised pecans, crunchy cornflakes, gooey marshmallow, and white chocolate drops. Name a more iconic combination than chocolate and pizza, we’ll wait.

2. Denim Co’s Loaded Choc Lava Cake is filled with gooey, warm chocolate; and let us tell you, it is insanely good. Get your chocolate-loving tastebuds on this ASAP.

3. Zeus’ Loukoumades are for the fellow Nutella lovers, AKA everyone. These bite-sized doughnuts are made fresh and drizzled in warm, mouth-watering Nutella. Yes please.

4. New Zealand Natural’s Hot Chocolate Brownie Sundae is the best invention since the traditional sundae, packed with chocolate ice cream, a decadent brownie and warm, chocolate fudge sauce. Yum.

5. Doughnut Time’s chocolate AND vegan Orita Ora? Oh yes, and it’s just as delicious as it sounds, with cookies and cream buttercream, crushed cookie and choc-Oreo biscuits. We’re not drooling, you are.

6. Cold Rock is iconic, and for good reason. Choose your favourite bar of choc and mix it into a tasty ice cream, and you’ve got guaranteed good times ahead.

7. The Great Aussie Sweet Company has any chocolate treat you could dream of, including ALL your childhood favourites. Grab a pick-and-mix bag and fill it to the brim with cocoa goodness in all its delish variations.

8. Happy Pops’ brownie batter and fudge gelato is a MUST-TRY. We mean come on, could you think of anything better than brownie batter mixed into a delectable gelato pop? We didn’t think so.

9. Mucho Mexicano has put a vibrant twist on chocolate, with their sugary, delicious churros served with a self-indulgent chocolate fudge sauce. Add this to your list and thank us later.

10. Ahmet’s is pulling out the Nutella goods with their Nutella Baklava, a homemade pistachio baklava topped with, you guessed it, dreamy warm chocolate in the form of Nutella.

In the mood for something sweet? We don’t blame you, here’s a list of mouth-watering dessert restaurants at South Bank.

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