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South Bank’s Best Chicken Everything

Oh, how we love you chicken. In all your glorious variations, we can always count on your mouth-watering goodness. To celebrate National Chicken Nugget Day on November 13, we present you with South Bank’s chicken everything – because we figure it’s worth celebrating it all!

1. Chicken Schnitzel at Barbossa
The chicken schniddy is an all-time favourite, and Barbossa has upped the game by serving theirs with pineapple slaw and chips. The best part? It’s all made in-house, so you know you’re only getting the fresh stuff.

2. Chicken Tenders at Munich Brauhaus
We’ve never eaten a chicken tender we didn’t love… but one grilled to perfection and served with chipotle seasoning? Now we’re talking, all thanks to Munich Brauhaus!

3. Chicken Nuggets and Chips at Steam Cafe
All hail chicken nuggets, thanks to Steam Cafe! Sip on a iced coffee in one hand and feast on your chicken nuggets and chips in the other, to celebrate the occassion the right way.

4. Chicken Lollipops at Brooklyn Depot
Imagine this: chicken drumettes, stuffed with juicy chorizo, baked and smothered in chipotle sauce. Now quit imagining, and get your self down to Brooklyn Depot, STAT.

5. Crispy Chicken Breast at South Beach Social
Feeling a little fancy? South Beach Social’s Crispy Skin Chicken has you covered, made with roasted butternut pumpkin, broccolini, mascarpone and puy lentil sauce. Served alongside incredible beach front views, you’re guaranteed to be impressed.

6. Satay Chicken at Junk
Name a more iconic combination than grilled chicken skewers, Junk satay sauce, pickled cucumber and toasted peanuts… we’ll wait. In the meantime, we suggest you get your greasy mitts onto it.

7. San Pei Claypot Chicken at Tai Tai
Not only is this dish totally Insta-worthy, but you’ll feel all those #feelgoodvibes for eating it too! Cooked with sweet basil, chilli and spring onion, you’re guaranteed to get those tastebuds singing.

8. Wakiki Classic at Burger Urge
Fried chicken, cheese sauce, maple bacon, pineapple, lettuce chipotle mayo and aioli have been combined at Burger Urge to make the ultimate burger: the Wakiki Classic. Enjoy!

9. Chicken Nuggets at Cosmos Cafe
Again, it wouldn’t feel right to not celebrate our beloved chicken nuggets! Cosmos Cafe know what’s up when it comes to their mouth-watering goodness, minus the price tag.

10. Half Chicken at Nando’s
It’s official, we’ve never met a Nando’s chicken we didn’t like! Our suggestion is the half chicken, so mouth-watering yet so damn filling (peri peri chips included, of course!)

Take me to Barbossa Bar & Bottle Shop and Munich Brauhaus and Stokebar Q and Brooklyn Depot and South Beach Social and Junk and Tai Tai and Burger Urge and Suki and Nando’s

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