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South Bank’s 10 Best Potato Everything

Ah, the humble potato. With a veggie this versatile, its only right it has its own day to sit on the food throne (National Potato Day on August 19, that is). If you’re a lover of spuds, then loosen that belt because we’ve rounded up 10 of South Bank’s best potato dishes.

1. Mucho Mexicano
We love potatoes in all forms, especially sweet. Mucho’s Sweet Potato Quesadilla is filled to the brim with sweet potato, spinach and pine nuts… need we say more?

2. Barbossa
We see a trend emerging here… a sweet potato trend, that is. Get your hands on Barbossa’s Sweet Potato Fritters served with fresh avocado, smoked salmon and egg.

3. Stokebar Q
Oh how we love you, gnocchi. Stokebar Q’s Fried Parisian Gnocchi is guaranteed to get the taste-spuds singing.

4. Ole
If you haven’t tried Patatas Bravas, you’re in for a treat. These Spanish spiced potatoes with chipotle aioli and bravas sauce are delicious, and served up fresh at Ole.

5. Bourbon Street
If there’s one kind of potato we favour, it’s the fries kind. Bourbon Street know a thing or two when it comes to deep fried goodness, and their curly fries is no exception.

6. Zeus Street Greek
Feta? On thick-cut potato chips? Name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait. Zeus’ Yia Yia’s chips are seasoned to perfection with pink salt and oregano, topped with our all-time fave: feta cheese.

7. Papa Rossi
Yep, gnocchi is making it to the list again because it’s just THAT GOOD. Papa Rossi’s Gnocchi Sorrentina is homemade, and the stuff of Italian Gods. We suggest you try it STAT.

8. Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant
Potato salad is the only form of salad we’ll make friends with, thanks to Ahmet’s. Filled with potato, shallots, parsley, mint and lemon juice, this is one we can’t go past.

9. Aquitaine Brasserie
Smoked spuds? We think yes! Aquitaine’s potatoes are so damn delicious, they’re served on their own from the menu (as a side, but we’ll  take it as a main!) You know what to do…

10. The Charming Squire
Imagine this: a pizza topped with potato, bresaola, rosemary, red onion and taleggio… now quit imagining, as get to The Charming Squire ASAP.

Take me to Mucho Mexicano and Barbossa Bar & Bottle Shop and Stokebar Q and Ole and Bourbon Street and Zeus and Papa Rossi Ristorante and Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant and Aquitaine Brasserie and The Charming Squire

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