Fresh organic rhubarb
expensive rare black truffle mushroom - gourmet vegetable
NSH08-IN Season - Kingfish(resize)

Seasonal Round Up

What’s in this season do you ask? Well, look no further than our seasonal round up from South Bank…

Daikon- This long white radish is delicious raw, cooked and pickled. Try it pickled in a poke bowl or sushi burrito at Suki.

Truffle- This decadent fungus is a must-try. Find truffle dishes at Mister Paganini, Popolo, the Charming Squire and Aquitaine.

Rhubarb- Vibrant and tangy, rhubarb is perfect for desserts and salads. Try it in the apple and rhubarb crumble at River Quay Fish.

Kingfish- This firm fish is incredible raw. Try Hiramasa kingfish at Stokehouse Q or a Kingfish Tostada at Mucho Mexicano.

Take me to Suki and Mister Paganini and Popolo and The Charming Squire and Aquitaine Brasserie and River Quay Fish and Stokehouse Q and Mucho Mexicano

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