Picnic Patch - Regional Flavours (1)
Picnic Patch - Regional Flavours (3)
Picnic Patch - Regional Flavours (1)
Picnic Patch - Regional Flavours (4)
River Quay - Regional Flavours (4)

Regional Flavours is Back with an Exciting Twist

Rejoice, fellow food lovers! Your favourite free food festival, AKA Regional Flavours, is back with an epic three-part twist.

That’s right, we’re talking mouth-watering food, the freshest produce and celebrity chef appearances across three themed weekends in 2021. That’s triple the opportunities for fun and feasting on glorious, glorious food.

Firstly, you’ll want to lock in June 18 to 20 for Grazed and Grown. This jam-packed weekend will highlight Australia’s unparalleled landscapes, makers, and pioneering chefs, hosted by Alastair McLeod and Matt Kirkegaard. You can look forward to captivating live cooking demonstrations and talks with industry leaders, a marketplace filled to the brim with delectable food and innovative ingredients, live entertainment and cool craft beer and cocktail bars to sip the afternoon away. Tickets on Sale Friday, April 23.

Then, set aside October 16 to 17 for Global Fiesta. This vibrant weekend will showcase the best international food trends and multicultural cuisine, with more program details coming soon.

Last (but certainly not least!) is Providore Park, with the date to be released soon. This weekend celebrates the best wine, cheese and chocolate that the region has to offer, with more details coming soon.

Oh, and did we mention we’re a major partner of the event? Look no further for all the insider info released over the coming weeks.

Psst… tickets can be purchased here.

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