Popolo’s Ricotta Gnocchi

This delicious recipe is brought to you by Popolo, combining ricotta and gnocchi for a dish that will seriously impress your guests…

750g ricotta
375g 00 plain flour
30g salt
100g fine grated grana padano
1 egg
100g creamy goats curd
100g truffle pecorino
Half a bunch of sage
Half a bunch of flat leaf parsley
1 lemon
1 cup vegetable stock
150g grated grana padano
Salt and pepper
100ml truffle oil
10 flat field mushrooms
Spray oil
Canola oil
100g roasted and crushed hazlenuts

1. Place a pot of salted boiling water on the stove.
2. Combine all ingredients until incorporated and a firm dough is formed.
3. Seperate mixture into 4 lots and roll and cut into desired shape and thickness. Place gnocchi in boiling water until they float to the top and let boil for 3 more minutes.
4. Strain gnocchi and drizzle olive oil to stop the dumplings from sticking together.
5. For the mushrooms; slice them and place them in a heated pan, add truffle oil, salt and pepper and cook until soft. Set aside.
6. In another heated pan, spray with spray oil and drizzle with canola oil. This will stop the gnocchi from sticking to the pan. Add the gnocchi and toss in the pan until golden on both sides.
7. Add the cooked mushrooms, herbs, a squeeze of lemon juice, vegetable stock and reduce by half. Add salt and pepper as desired, grana padano and thicken until sauce coats the gnocchi.
8. On a plate, smear the goats curd like a paint brush from one end to the other, place gnocchi on top and garnish with pecorino romano and hazlenuts.

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