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The mastermind behind Aquitaine’s culinary works of art, Damon Porter, has shared his recipe for Lamb Belly, smoked and sous vide with seared scallops, wasabi pea, shoots and a pickled garlic puree…

Lamb belly
• 1 x lamb belly
• pancetta salt
• 450 g sea salt
• 225 g castor sugar
• 50 g nitrate
DIRECTIONS: Remove meat from the bone and season with pancetta salt “20 g per kilo of meat.”  Cook 82 deg for 12 hours.

Red onion glaze
• 1.5kg red onion
• 450g brown sugar
• 450g caster sugar
• 520ml red wine vin
• 2 cloves
• 1 cinnamon quill
DIRECTIONS: Bring to the boil with red onions cut in half and cry vac. Keeps for 2 years in syrup.

Pickled garlic puree
• 300 g pickled sweet garlic
• 100ml garlic juice
• 100 ml milk
DIRECTIONS: Put in pot and simmer for five mins, the milk may curdle but this is good.  Adjust salt to taste.

Pea purée
• 250 g frozen peas
• 50 g spinach
• 1/2 teaspoon zantarna
• 150 ml veg stock
• 10 g salt
• 10 g sugar
• 1/4 bunch spinach
DIRECTIONS: Bring stock to the boil with the peas, once it arrives at the boil add spinach and mint and blend with remaining ingredients.  Pass through a fine sieve

TO ASSEMBLE: Spread the pickled garlic puree along the plate and place the seared lamb belly on top, finish by arranging the pickled onions, puree and seared fresh scallops. Garnish with some fresh pea shoots & wasabi peas finely crushed.



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