Plate Up – Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant

At the core of Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant is its traditional Turkish fare, the recipes for which have been handed down from generation to generation.  The bread featured on the restaurant’s menu is derived from a family recipe over a hundred years old.  Lucky for us, Harun Gencerler, owner of Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant has been kind enough to share it with us….and you!


1.071kg Plain Flour
685mL Luke Warm Water
25g Salt
13g Fresh Yeast
Pinch Black and White Mixed Sesame Seeds

This recipe will make approximately 6 breads.

Oven Temperature – must be between 270 and 300 degrees in a gas style pizza oven.

1. Take the bread ball and flatten into thickness of 1cm oval shape.
2. Brush with milk.
3. Dip your fingertips in milk (this prevents the dough from sticking) and make 4-5 lines across the dough.
4. Sprinkle sesame seeds on top.
5. Carefully pick up the bread and using a paddle place into the centre of your oven.
6. Cook for one and a half minutes on each side.
7. Remove from oven and brush with regular or garlic infused butter.
8. Enjoy with a delicious hummus and a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment!

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Cuisine: Turkish

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