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Perfect Pairings Series: Netflix and Chill

Each week we’ll be rounding up takeaway pairings for your at-home activities; because let’s be real, your everyday happenings could use a little spicing up.

This week, we present you with the ultimate takeaway pairings for Netflix’s Top 10 in Australia (current as of today, of course!) So go on, get the TV ready because your Netflix and chill date just got that much better.

1. Tiger King and Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant
While Tiger King is many things, it takes the cake for being centred on Joe Exotic. And just like the colourful man himself, Ahmet’s Turkish-inspired fare is nothing short of striking. We suggest you get your hands on one of their delectable pides and binge watch the night away.

2. Ozark and Brookyn Depot
Ozark is set in Missouri, so it’s only fitting you pair it with some American-inspired food from Brooklyn Depot to take you straight to the scene. Munch on some loaded fries paired with one of their delectable burgers, and you’ll be set for hours of serious drama.

3. Money Heist and Nando’s
What does spicy drama call for? Spicy food, of course! As you’re captivated by the criminal masterminds in Money Heist, we suggest you get your hands on some juicy Nando’s chicken and chips (with peri peri salt, please!) to keep the heat up.

4. Coffee & Kareem and Doughnut Time
What pairs perfectly with the cops in Coffee & Kareem’s? Doughnuts, of course! For a drama that’s a little lighter, get your hands on a six pack of Doughnut Time’s fluffy, mouth-watering doughnuts. You’ll be the household favourite, guaranteed.

5. The Blacklist and Papa Rossi
As much as we hate to admit it, we can’t quite stomach a crime thriller like The Blacklist alone. Papa Rossi have us covered, with delectable pizzas we can bribe our fellow household members with so we’re not watching solo. Because sharing is caring, right?

6. Unorthodox and Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers
When you’re going through the motions of hope, fear and all the heart-wrenching moments that Unorthodox is, a little comfort food is necessary. A big bowl of Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers delicious gnocchi is the answer, finished with one of their homemade cannoli’s.

7. How to Fix a Drug Scandal and Max Brenner
We aren’t backward in coming forward when it comes to our chocolate addiction; so, it’s only fitting we feast on Max Brenner as we uncover all that is dependence and justice explored in How to Fix a Drug Scandal.

8. Nailed It! and Denim Co.
Nailed It! is all about home bakers with a not-so-great track record in the kitchen, so it’s only makes sense that we eat some EPIC desserts while watching the cooking fails unravel. Denim Co. have an entire menu dedicated to dessert, guaranteed to impress the entire Netflix-watching crew.

9. Northmen and Zeus
Zeus is all about traditional Greek fare with a modern twist, which pairs perfectly with some prehistoric Viking adventures set in modern-day Netflix. We know that was a bit of a long shot, but Zeus’ entire menu seriously won’t disappoint as you watch Northmen, none the less.

10. Community and Banh Mee Time
Community takes us back to our student days; and, nothing screams delicious (and affordable!) eats fit for a student’s budget quite like Banh Mee Time. Devour a big bowl of their rice vermicelli and strap yourself in for some seriously good TV.

Psst: there’s plenty more takeaway options to go around! Click here to find them.

Take me to Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant and Brooklyn Depot and Nando’s and Doughnut Time and Papa Rossi Ristorante and Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers and Max Brenner and Denim Co. and Zeus and Banh Mee Time

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